WestWing and Suvinil coloring stories

18 de dezembro de 2018 - Renan Manga

Colors are able to change environments, translate feelings and transform lives. That’s why WestWing and Tintas Suvinil joined forces to color stories, and mine was one of them.

Together, they did a colorimetry study and created 3 palettes, with 13 new options designed for all types of transformation. I used the color Bolsa de Veludo (or Velvet Purse in a free translation), specially developed for this campaign, to color a little piece of my house… And what a beautiful color! I loved painting with it.

The result of the work was incredible, both from the point of view of the chosen color, and the decor, which was specially thought for my place.

From the beginning of the campaign, both companies were very professional, with a super talented, attentive and easy-going team, which helped to make this wonderful final result. It was a great pleasure to be part of this partnership and many others to come.

Check it out in full (in Portuguese) clicking here.