LabOf & Renan Manga

18 de dezembro de 2018 - Renan Manga

LabOf is a hub that was born to redefine ideas, companies, people, stories, market, etc… And of course, ART could not be left out.

I liked it and I believed the idea from the beginning, and so our partnership was born. Transforming through art is something I’ve always loved to do and Lab understands (and encourages) creativity to be free, without barriers, without pre-defined models, so that we can change opinions, aggregate knowledge, transform scenarios and color lives.

From this partnership we’ve created 3 amazing projects so far. The first was the artistic intervention on a Reserva shoe, which is for sale on their website. A free customization gave the shoe a whole new look. The second was a wonderful event, on a Saturday afternoon, where I freely turned clothing pieces into works of art, using spray paint. And the third was a workshop for KFC executives, where everyone got out of their comfort zone, learned a little bit of street art and have experienced how to paint with a spray can.

I’m sure that this partnership is just beginning and that many other ideas and projects will come forward. It is a great pleasure to work with excellent professionals in an incredible and innovative environment as LabOf.

To know more about them, click here.